Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Looking forward to things in May!

  1. Seeing Grace, the spring dance recital, at Gustavus with Betsy and Cheryl.
  2. Volunteering at the gorilla run in Mankato with Tiffany on Saturday.
  3. Going to body pump at the YMCA on Sunday morning.
  4. Starting the new Livestrong class at the YMCA on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  5. Working out with Lucas.
  6.  Going to yoga on Monday nights.
  7. RunStrong 8K on the 17th of May.
  8. A weekend with Elliot when his mom and dad take a trip.
  9. May Basket Day!
  10. Having a birthday lunch with Betty.
  11. Having coffee with Jill.
  12. Meeting Kris for coffee or lunch at the coop.
  13. Coffee with Joanne on Friday afternoon.
  14. Emails from Karen.
  15. Visiting Mom.
  16. Gardening! Can't wait to see the new hosta assortment.
  17. Wearing my new red boots.
  18. Cooking on the grill.
  19. Seeing Dr. Cockerill and Judy on the 20th.
  20. Outdoor walking. So much nicer than treadmill walking!
  21. Evenings on the patio with Regis.
That's enough. Here's a selfie Regis took at the dog park. I love it. He looks like the happy wanderer. Maybe it's because the evergreen behind him looks like feathers in his hat!

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