Tuesday, April 01, 2014

cat house

This first photo is not the best quality but it captures well Woodrow's complete state of bliss on the highest perch of his new cat house. I think they call these cat condos but being a house kind of person rather than a condo kind of person, I prefer cat house. He hangs over three sides, well maybe four, but he doesn't mind. He's right at eye level when he's up there which probably means he'll be reaching out to swat us on the head as we pass.

Gus seemed to sense that this project would not benefit him so he was right underfoot, looking morose, the whole time. The instructions were in English and Chinese. It looks like he would prefer the Chinese. Now that I think about it, the English was much like Chinese.

Being the kitty that he is, Woodrow preferred the box and the yellow packaging ties at first. He loves boxes and cardboard rolls much better than any of the cat toys we're purchased.

Woodrow, curious cat that he is, cannot stay out of the construction area. He has inspected every nook and cranny before assembly. He thinks he is the crew chief or something.

Gus is giving us his most morose look. "What??? The cat gets a new place to sleep??? Half the time the damn cat is on MY bed!"

Woodrow on his highest perch.

It's quite the cat house. It has four levels: a hammock, a second floor with a cabana and a chute into the hammock, a third floor covered in soft faux fur and a tube, and the pent house perch for good measure. I'd like to have one of these in human dimensions. I think Woody and I will take over the north wall of the living room. I already have a hammock chair that can be incorporated.

I'm going to the YMCA tonight. This is our last week of Livestrong classes and we start our post-testing tonight. We're having our end-of-class potluck on Thursday night if we aren't buried in snow.

The horrible weather man is predicting copious amounts of snow for Thursday and Friday. Copious amounts of snow. I don't think I have ever seen a weather forecast that used the word copious before this one. Snow at the rate of 1-2 inches per hour. That could be ugly. Regis says we're on the line and we may just get rain. Or an icy mix. I'd rather have snow than ice, frankly.

Onward and upward.

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