Saturday, March 08, 2014

time flies

I haven't written for a week. I have some words and some pictures to share this morning as I try to gather my thoughts and possessions after a busy week. Both are strewn across the landscape of my life. The house is an untidy mess, my clothes are piled deep in the bedroom, the mail is unsorted on the table, my hammock chair is in a tangled heap, and my office organization project, begun last week, is unfinished and occupies an entire room which is not the office. Time to get going but I am writing first.

We had a busy week which means that Gus and Woody had a quiet week although Regis did manage to get Gus to the park every day at least once.

Karen, I have a half-written letter to you laying on the file cabinet. It's a sunny spot and Woodrow has decided to lie there and chew on the bottom of the pages. I didn't think you would mind. We'll think of it is as his greeting to you.

The picture below is me (of course) in my vintage chenille coat by a famous designer from New York. Ooh la la. [Be Brave, Lose the Beige] And my leopard hat from Karen. The other day I was leaving school in this attire and a little bitty blonde girl asked me if this (the leopard hat) was my real hair. I laughed and said no but it was a great hair idea.

I know some of you are thinking that it looks like I have an old bedspread around my shoulders. I have discovered that a guy can wear almost anything with the right attitude. Be brave, lose the beige.

This is how I am feeling today. Things need to get back in their right places and not be all over and everywhere. My possessions reflect my state of mind. 

In February we celebrated the 5th birthdays of these two little guys, Elliot and Alex. Where did five years go? They will both be going to kindergarten in the fall. Such a fun age, going out into the world and learning new things for the first time.

This is my new charm. It's the rune Inguz. It means 
“Drawing this Rune may mark a time of joyful deliverance, of new life, a new path. A Rune of great power, receiving it means that you now have the strength to achieve completion, resolution, from which comes a new beginning.”“As you resolve and clear away the old, you will experience a release from tension and uncertainty.
You may be required to free yourself from a rut, habit or relationship; from some deep cultural or behavioral pattern… The time of birth is always a critical one. Movement can involve danger, and yet movement that is timely leads out of danger.”

-Ralph H. Blum
I have the other runes of my journey in my tattoo but this one needed a special place. I shopped for it on Etsy, the global marketplace, and ended up purchasing it from a fellow in Kellogg, Minnesota. Buy local, I guess.

I'll close this morning with two pictures of the bunny. One from earlier in the winter when he was mostly visible and currently, when all you see of him are the real bunny tracks over his head. We had 8-10 inches of snow on Tuesday night (forecast as 1-2) that completely obliterated his view. He will be back. This much we know is true.

Here I go. I can either sit here and write about my ambitions or I can get up and do them.

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