Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday...a new day

Here we are dance walking around the Andreas Cancer Center. Michele's last appointment is April 11th so they put it on the calendar that we will be there! It was so much fun. I've never thought of myself as a dancer but I figured out this morning that you can learn most anything on Youtube so I have videos cued up so I can learn some moves. I also learned how to watch video from my iPad on the big television. Ha! What a blast!

This is Kristi, one of the instructors for my Livestrong class. She has been such a lot of fun and such an inspiration. I feel like so many threads of my life are coming together in such a wonderful fashion. I know my writing has probably gotten sappy and less funny as it has gotten less sarcastic and cynical. Ah, well. The price we pay for peace.

This is Tiffany getting her 29th birthday tattoo. It's her name written in Korean. She said she thought it was accurate (Tiffany Kim) but if some day she found out it wasn't (Tiffany Jim), it would make a good story. I love that attitude.

We're going to work out. I'll make an omelet with bacon and roasted vegetables when I come home, then I'm going to see the Vagina Monologues at Gustavus with Michele. I think I'm making clam chowder for dinner. Regis, who abhors fish, loves clam chowder. I like it, too, but I can't look at those little things in the can. Baby clams...creepy.

I have a POD (plan of the day). I did my exercise, I made a lovely omelet for me and sweet Regis to share, I am going to do the dishes, and I am going to practice my dance moves. See ya later.

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