Sunday, March 09, 2014

signs of spring

Look at that. No severe weather alerts. No wind chill warnings. No below zero temps. No igloos!

I opened the back door to let Gus outside and it felt balmy! It may not seem like 20 degrees should be balmy but after a winter of many, many sub-zero days...20 feels balmy. I read the forecast and we may hit almost 50 today. Wahoo! Time to get naked and lay on a flat rock in the sunshine.

So many signs of spring: I saw splotches of sidewalk and street yesterday. The birds are raucous this morning. The high clouds look like spring clouds instead of low lying winter clouds. They're puffy and white and they scoot across the sky. Ah. spring. We have missed you.

I didn't get much of what I meant to do yesterday done but I did some other things...some long-time projects that were easy to put off because they required thinking and organization.

I was annoyed in the afternoon because I spent several hours learning how to use an app called Pepperplate for meal planning and recipe organization only to find it won't sync with my iPad. That was the point. I'm pretty sure I growled.

I received this email from my google calendar this morning. I am so grateful.

Here is your schedule for:
Sun Mar 9, 2014   Walk outside

Tomorrow I will get an email that says I have no agenda for the day. Even better.

I'm making chili today. We'll have chili and a big salad for dinner tonight. I can't wait to get at the grill!

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