Monday, March 10, 2014

monday in my world

It felt like Sunday so I slept until almost ten o'clock and didn't get dressed until noon. I am piddling around with a few projects, putting warm woolen sweaters away, taking faux fur to the basement, organizing my office space, and making slow progress on my next pile for the Epileptic Foundation. I also have Regis's go-ahead to start organizing his side of the office but I am little nervous about that. I don't want to disturb his feng shui.

We are going to the store to buy the biggest steaks we can find is the maiden voyage of the barbecue grill today! First time since October! Yesterday I saw my neighbor washing his car in the driveway and today we barbecue. Signs of spring. Huzzah!

I better not sit here too long. When you sleep until ten, the day gets short.

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