Saturday, March 01, 2014

meteorological spring or punked again

I heard somewhere that we have entered meteorological spring, whatever that means. Here's what it looks like here in Minnesota. I see they don't even dare put the feels like temp on there anymore...just the igloo and the red alert. I heard it was 38 below (wind chill) in Fargo this morning. No words for that.

You see, there are three different classifications of the seasons, including the spring season. The one we know best is called Astronomical Spring. It is based on the Earth's tilt on its axis. The Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of Astronomical Spring. It occurs on or around March 20 and signals when the Earth's tilt on its axis is neither toward nor away from the sun. On this day, we see an equal amount of daylight. And it marks the time when the Northern Hemisphere will tilt toward the sun for 6 months our days will get longer as we head toward summer.
The spring that arrived on March 1 is called Meteorological Spring. It is based on temperature, not the Earth's tilt. It follows the three coldest months of the year, or Meteorological Winter. Those months are December, January, & February. In March, temperatures begin to warm away from the cold of winter. March April & May make up what we call Meteorological Spring. The three warmest months of the year, June, July & August are known as Meteorological Summer.
These pictures are for Karen who doesn't not do Facebook. She likes to see pictures of Gus and Woody.

I have to go and finish a book. TTYL.

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