Thursday, March 27, 2014

maybe it doesn't matter

I have been on a rant about this for a long time but I have finally changed my perception. I saw this today and laughed because I could never walk and text at the same time. I can barely text in a seated position. But the world is changing and if I want to keep in touch with my kids, text is mostly the way to go.

Then I watched this flash mob and was disturbed at first that so many people watching had their cell phones between them and the experience. But my next thought was: maybe this is how people document and catalog their experiences now.

Yesterday a woman at the tax center was ranting about Facebook and how her sister wants her to get an account but she doesn't want to and why can't people just come and see her instead. Well, sister, it's the way things are. I enjoy Facebook and have been constantly amazed at all the connections there are between people. Almost every week, I meet someone in the flesh who I have recognized from Facebook...or they have recognized me. The spin class instructor in Mankato the other night asked if that was me in a picture she had seen on Facebook. I think it's nice to connect with people in these new ways. Not very many years ago...I would never have met all these nice folks. Six degrees of separation? Not anymore.

I should have known that I am not the first person to think of this. Check this out: Wikipedia. Some studies have found the degree of separation between two random individuals to be between 3 and 4 (roughly) if I am reading the numbers correctly which is highly unlikely.

Ah, well. As Regis and I were just saying, there have always been people opposed to change in any form. Some cave men, I am sure, refused to use the wheel. And what the hell is that fire for then?

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