Wednesday, March 26, 2014

getting late and heading to bed but I have a couple more things to say...

I don't know it happens but the past week has gone by like a giant blur. I haven't been sleeping very well, which probably makes the days seem weirder and out of focus...hence the blur but it feels like I have been very busy...too busy. All good things...but too busy. I like a little more sedentary time!

Today we worked at the tax center and the cutest lady came in to have her taxes done. She was 90, had the cutest old-fashioned name (who would expect that?) and she was dressed like a million bucks. She had on tiny sparkly earrings, a beautiful string of pearls, and a beautiful bright red beret with a pin on the top. She said she believes in fancy clothes. She was a gas.

Today, everyone was friendly and happy, unlike last week when everyone was pissed off about something and usually it had to do with their taxes. Today I saw friends from down the street, Betsy and Stan...met new friends Peter and Mary Kay...visited with Janice who is a friend from way back...and talked to some very nice folks who were happy to have us help them.

This is our Woodrow who has decided to start exploring every place in the house. If you open the refrigerator and turn your back for a second, he is up there snooping and sniffing. Regis caught him red-handed.

I have been going to the YMCA LiveStrong class for the past ten weeks. It's been a great experience and I am glad I stumbled onto it serendipitously at the last second...thank you, Michele!

More and more, I need strong women in my life and I am grateful to the instructors, the volunteers, and to the other 8 women in my class. Each of them contributed to my life's journey in the past few months...a sense of humor, a word of encouragement, a new opportunity to act silly, recipes, ideas for growth, cuss words, and such strong spirit.

On our road trips every Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the last ten weeks, Michele and I have talked about cancer, of course, but among many, many other things: life, books, food, children, growing older, exercise and it has been a blessing. I would never say that cancer was a blessing because who needs a hellish blessing like that? But I do believe that cancer afforded me this very extreme opportunity to both release things that needed to go, confront things that needed to be confronted, and to have the opportunity to go into the deepest parts of myself and really explore.(words by Eve Ensler, author of In the Body of the World)

So, one of the things I learned about was juicing. I had heard of it, and seen it but was never tempted to try it. The LiveStrong instructors, Kris and Kristi, were so enthusiastic about it, I thought I would give it a try. I bought an inexpensive juicer and gave it a first go this morning.

Last night after class, Michele and I stopped at the Cub store to pick up some last minute juicing supplies and ran into two other class members. There might have been more lurking in other aisles!

I used spinach, a cucumber, a handful of salad greens, half a lemon, a handful of fresh parsley, and an apple. It didn't taste bad at all but next time I'll make it less tart and less sweet...less lemon and less apple. I had to drink it fast and that was not such a good idea either. I will say that Regis was not even tempted.

When it comes out of the chute, it makes these lovely layers. The bottom of the class is the apple, then the lemon and cucumber, and then the dark green leafy stuff that looks like pond scum.

And this is the final product! Ta da! Morning juice!

Why does a person finally get all these lessons about living healthier as they get older? Ah, well. This is one of my new adventures. In the last week, I also learned how to use a website called Plan to Eat, I went to the Vagina Monologues, I went to a new yoga class, and I went for a 4+ mile walk with Deb. No wonder I'm tired. Tomorrow...a less active day.

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