Saturday, March 22, 2014

dance walking

I hope you read my post from March 20 and took the time to watch the video of the dance walkers. That evening, I was on my way to the YMCA Livestrong class where I knew we would be going out on the Red Jacket Trail for a walk or a run. I suggested dance walking. I brought my iPod with Kelly Clarkson's song Stronger, Michele brought her small speaker, and away we went. There were about ten of us, dancing our way down the trail. It was great exercise and so much fun. We did a 5K...not dancing all the way because it is a lot of work.

The next morning, Kristi and I met Michele at the Andreas Cancer Center where we dance walked two laps around the treatment room, then down to Michele's doctor. Many patients waved and chair danced with us, one fellow in a camo jacket (Bob) joined us, a nurse joined us, and the cleaning lady danced behind her cart. It is absolutely infectious.

Kristi, Teresa, Laurie, and Michele

Later, I danced my way down the frozen food aisle at HyVee and then out the door and through the parking lot at Kohl's. You just can't stop dancing.

No need to be self-conscious. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm and have no moves at all. Nobody cares and most people smile and wave. I watched Kevin Bacon on the Tonight show last night and I'm going to practice his moves...not the back flip ones but the easy ones.

I have video of this adventure but need the help of a younger person to edit it. Bennett to the rescue.

I'm going to Mankato today to help Tiffany celebrate her birthday. We're having lunch and might get tattoos. Maybe do a little dance walking down Riverfront. Haha! I bet.

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