Monday, March 24, 2014

an ordinary day

I woke up at 3:30 and felt wide awake but that didn't last long and I ended up sleeping until 7:30. If I haven't said it before, my sleep these days is blissful.

I have a full agenda this week, thank you google calendar. Nothing all-day except Wednesday...just bits and pieces of nice things...meeting friends for coffee and lunch, YMCA, writing letters, reading, Scrabble, dance walking. That kind of busy.

There were snowflakes in the air yesterday. Snowflakes. I am not outraged because I know it's typical of spring in Minnesota. Hell, we could have snow until May as we did last year. I left Gustavus yesterday (after The Vagina Monologues) I noticed the pussy willows were starting to burst forth. I climbed up on a bench to take a picture but of course, the two pics I took are awful...blurry and indecipherable.

Regis went off to do some things this morning so I am free to putter around the house in my pajamas doing this and that. Jan is coming to help me clean today (bless her heart) so I can do the dusting and dishes. Two cleaning tasks at which I excel. Not so much the other things. Yesterday I noticed a small mess of leaves and dirt in the bathroom (Gus has had to bathe when he comes back from the park lately) so I took the hair dryer and blew it into the corner, laughing out loud as I did it. Sorry, clean freak friends.

For some reason, Woodrow likes to sleep on Regis's chest during the night. He drags his feather toy up on the bed like an offering to him, then climbs up and goes to sleep, purring like mad. It does not make for the best sleep. I like it when he curls up by me but the minute he senses Regis move, he's right back there. He's a funny cat.

Yesterday, he was playing in a grocery bag full of paper to be recycled. He caught the handle of the paper bag around his neck and went tearing through the house which terrified Gus no end. A running paper bag was completely outside his conceptual circle. Regis caught up with Woody, removed the bag, and all was well.

Isn't this the cutest thing? Found on Etsy here. It's a hundred bucks, though, so I told Woodrow not to get his hopes up too high.

I found a new program for meal planning and shopping. I tried Pepperplate but the damn thing wouldn't sync with a phone or an iPad which made it essentially worthless. Regis discovered Plan to Eat yesterday and it's perfect. It costs about thirty dollars a year but you can import your recipes, drag them to a calendar, and it will make a grocery list based on that meal plan. It's very cool!

This week, I am going to find a handy person to hang my hammock chair. It's on my list.

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