Saturday, February 08, 2014

winter morning and oh, betty

I checked my blog stats this morning. For some reason, this post: Oh, Betty has been very popular lately and has moved into second place for the month. I wrote it in August of 2007 so it amazes me that suddenly, it's an item. I am almost to 100,000 hits (not counting my own frequent visits) and Regis says we'll have a celebration when I do.

I admire greatly, Woodrow's ability to sleep soundly. He ignores all sounds except the opening of the treat jar. Then he can move across the room at high speed. Otherwise, he curls up and sleeps deeply for hours at a time despite the comings and goings of our house. He is only concerned about his own well-being and he has no worries. A good way to live.

My cousin Deb sent me photos of art in Bisbee, Arizona. I would love to be able to decorate the outside of my house with old sinks, urinals, hub caps, and statues of Elvis but I don't think I have the artistic touch to pull it off.


It's been a good week, all in all. I have my sleeping mojo back and I know this because I took a three-hour nap yesterday afternoon and still slept well last night. Ah, sleep. Such bliss.

We've had an active week. We bought groceries and did errands on Monday, then met good friends for dinner at Whiskey River. I went to the Livestrong YMCA class Tuesday and Thursday. We did AARP taxes on Wednesday. I subbed Friday. Betsy came two times...once for coffee and talk, once for an iPad lesson. Rene is coming over today. Regis and Gus have been to the dog park every day at least once.

I think I will bake something this afternoon. My in-house weather man tells me it will be 20 below tomorrow night and Monday night. He says the Twin Cities have had 38 below zero nights since December. That blows.

I don't complain about the weather but I do complain about the fifty pounds of clothes and boots it takes to prevent death by freezing.

Maybe I'll make a loaf of bread. Walnut bread. Pot roast with potatoes and carrots and fresh bread. That is some comfort food!

It's snowing, there is a brilliant red cardinal in the tree, I'm on my last cup of coffee, and we're going to the gym. Life is good, sweet angels.

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