Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Woodrow likes to crawl around the computer in the morning. He is a very needy cat, mostly between 5 am and 8 am. After that, not so much. Rene came to visit yesterday and he rolled on his back and looked at her with his big green eyes, then he did some yoga (down dog and warrior one), and then draped himself over the side of the cabinet like a big cat. He thinks he is a jaguar.

The doorbell rang yesterday and the Fed Ex man left me these beautiful tulips. I was so glad I was home because they suffered a little in the sub-zero temps. I trimmed them, put them in room temperature water with the magic potion that came with them, and this morning they are much perkier. Such beautiful summery colors!

It's warmer today. Regis and I are going to the AARP tax center this morning. I am going to wear my walking shoes so I can stroll around the building between clients. I am subbing the next two days and we are going to a comedy show on Friday night. I wonder how we had time to work. There are six things on our calendar for Thursday. I hate that...but I am grateful that we are able to do it all.

Well, I have to get moving so I am ready to go when the car leaves the driveway. Ha!

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