Sunday, February 02, 2014

to honor the holy temple of football on superbowl sunday

On Friday I subbed in a school. A young man, more enamored with sports than school work, insisted on talking to me about football. Apparently he didn't notice my glazed over eyes because the next thing he did was to search his phone for video highlights of a college football game from last year. He found it. He had me watch it while he stood behind me narrating each play and naming the players. At the end of it, I said well, that is more football than I've watched in many years. Good thing he wasn't in front to see my eyes then.

I figured that was my penance and I didn't need to make any effort to honor the Super Bowl.

We were invited to a Super Bowl party but I declined for myself. Regis went for the first half. I am enjoying the time and doing almost nothing. I have to make a grocery list...

I am feeling more positive today. I thought about all the people I know who had breast cancer years ago and are still here. I thought about how every day, none of us knows what is to come, except for today.

Phillip Seymour Hoffmann. Sad story. He must have been in some pain.

Joan Mondale. Very sad story. To be so vital and active and then be struck down by dementia. See the paragraph above re: cancer.

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