Tuesday, February 25, 2014

not complaining about the weather

I am not going to complain about the weather even though, historically, this is when I start. I talked to the UPS driver and the letter carrier yesterday and they both said this is the coldest (worst) winter they remember. I have a bad memory so I can't say that but I know it's unusual to have below zero temps so often at the end of February. Ah, well. We choose to live here.

It's been a beautiful winter even with the brutal cold. I love the sun dogs, the northern lights, the new powdery snow that falls every week, the patterns of drifting snow, the little ice and snow chunks clinging to tree branches from our last storm.

Deb and I went for a walk yesterday even though it was very cold. We had many layers on, boots and YakTrax, and we waddled over the ice and snow like penguins. It makes the hips hurt a little to walk like that but we made it almost three miles. Real adventurers, we are.

These are YakTrax. Very effective on ice and snow. You just cannot be too concerned about fashion in weather like this. You still have to be careful but they offer some reassurance that you won't end up on your ass on main street.

We've had an interesting week as far as things crapping out on us. The snow blower refused to run after the last storm. Regis fears it may be fatal. It's down at the shop now and we should get the verdict today. Two printers quit...one had a singe mark on the mother board (whatever that is) and the other has a bad print head. Our basement drain is overflowing. It happens from time to time and we have to call the Roto-Rooter man. Ironic it would happen this week. In the last few weeks, we have also broken two coffee mugs, a toothpick holder, and a wine glass. That's life.

We watched a movie last night...Enough Said with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and James Gandolfini. I liked it. A perfect movie for me: no robots, no explosions, no mayhem, no murder. Just a pleasant story about real people.

We have a busy day planned. Regis has a DOT physical for his potential new part-time job, he has an appointment in Mankato when I will hang out at the bagel shop and stare out the window, then I have a DEXA scan at Eastridge. I have my class at the YMCA tonight. Our agenda is packed.

I don't think I mentioned this before but it's worth mentioning it again. This article is powerful and contains such easy things to do to increase your sense of well-being. You’ll need pen, paper, and a silencer for cynicism. Check it out here.

Be sure to put something fun on your list of things to do.

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