Friday, February 28, 2014

in the blender of life

This was one of those weeks where I felt like I was whirling in a blender every day. Every day felt full which is a wonderful thing. It means I didn't fill my life with work...there were other things.

Wednesday we worked at AARP, Thursday night we went out to eat for Elliot's birthday, today Alex came to play and was joined by his dad and sister for pizza. I don't know what else we did...but it must have been a lot.

We were outside tonight at 7 o'clock moving snow which is a task because we are running out of places to put it. We need a giant truck to haul some of it away. It was a beautiful evening, fairly warm, not windy, four inches of new sparkly snow. I will post a photo of the bunny tomorrow as he has almost disappeared under his snowy cloak.

We are all snuggled up now. Woodrow in the big bed, Gus on the rug, us in our chairs. The little fireplace is keeping us toasty. We are having tea to warm us before bed. There are things to do and things to worry about but we have set them aside for tonight.

I am anxious to finish the book Stillwater tonight. I am working on an organization project in the office that will keep me busy tomorrow. We are supposed to get more snow.

Just a reminder. Keep doing the cha cha. Spring will come.

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