Thursday, February 06, 2014


Today is the 17th anniversary of our meeting. Regis and I met on a penpal website 17 years ago today which was considered strange then. Many people didn't have computers and the idea of meeting someone online sounded very peculiar. Now we don't even think twice about those who meet on or eharmony or the other online ways of people getting together.

It's been a wonderful 17 years. Not every moment of course, but the whole of it has been grand. We are good companions and friends. We enjoy so many things together and have helped each through tough times. We're 61 years old, we're working on getting healthier in our minds and our bodies as we age and work through emotional baggage accumulated from a lifetime of living life. Not always bad stuff...just stuff. And everybody's got stuff. Happy anniversary to my sweet husband.

I am feeling so good this week, it is just a pleasure to be alive. I went to the Livestrong YMCA program last night. The instructor asked us to think about why we are alive. Her young husband is dealing some serious cancer and she said his doctor sked him that the other day. It's a good question to ask yourself every day. Why am I alive?

One of the young women in our class said she thinks everything happens for a reason. I'm not sure about that but I do think that I can usually find a little bit of silver lining.

It's like I believe about cancer. It was not a blessing but it did afford me some opportunities.

My friend Betsy from down the street came yesterday for a visit and for that I am grateful. We have a lot in common and we can talk for hours. I set the table with my Grandma Elsie's table linens and tea cups. I made scones. We sat by the front window and watched the birds. It was a delight from start to finish.

I'm on my first day of volunteering as the greeter for the AARP Tax Prep program. Every Wednesday, I come here to greet clients, ask them to fill out the intake form, and tell them where to wait until a preparer is ready. I have nothing to do with the actual taxes which is a very good thing. Mostly I drink coffee, chat, and stand around. A job I can handle!

As I am doing a light duty job today, I have plenty of time to write, something I love to do but I suppose for a reader it might be blah, blah, blah. If you are looking for excitement, you might want to  look elsewhere.

Just a note to Mary: I am feeling great since Monday. I am still having a bit of trouble sleeping but it's getting better. I have had vivid and detailed dreams but I can't remember them when I wake up. I feel so much more centered, connected, balanced than I did over the weekend.

I didn't finish that post yesterday so here it is today. Sometimes I forget if I have written something and published it or if I have been composing in my head.

Winter of 2013-14
How it will be remembered...

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