Friday, February 07, 2014

ah, friday

Last night I went to my YMCA class even though I was tempted to call in sick. I was just tired and suffering from joint pain...and lazy. But Michele sent a message that she was home from Arizona and ready to go. I enjoy our visits over and back and once I get there, I am fine. So, I bundled up, packed my bag with my padlock, a towel., a water bottle...and off we went.

It was fine, of course, once I got there. We did circuit training which means I did this: 60 lunges on each leg, 60 squats, 30 push-ups, 3 1-minute planks, and 40 minutes of cardio. I am a little stiff today but not bad.

In light of my sleeplessness the past week, I took a major nap today. Three hours of bliss. Deep and dreamy sleep. Processing all that old crap in my head. I can see those memories popping like soap bubbles.

This week, I have talked to my mom, my cousin, my son, Jane from Iowa, my daughter...and probably a few people I don't recall at the moment. It's a good sign that I can pick up the phone when it rings.

I am having some thoughts about cancer. I saw a photo on Facebook of a woman with a sign that said "cancer sucks". Yes, it does in some ways, but so does hunger, homelessness, dementia, mental illness, heart disease, and a whole host of other things that afflict us as we live our lives.

Breast cancer gets a lot of attention i.e. the three-day Komen walk, etc. It really doesn't deserve any more attention than all the other things mentioned above. I'm not special because I happen to have breast cancer.

What I do love is the community. I mention breast cancer and people pop out of the woodwork to commiserate. I love that. We have our own language HER 2 positive or negative, estrogen receptors, herceptin, tamoxafin, anastrozole, clinical trials. Not a club you would be eager to join.

Sneezing...must go.

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