Friday, January 10, 2014

the week, dogs and cats, and a rune

All in all, it has been a good week. It started out colder than hell and I just flat out refused to leave the house. Regis had to go work out and go to the dog park alone. He went to tax training for two days, leaving me in charge of all things household and pet related. I'm pretty good at sitting around all day playing Scrabble, then going like a maniac for thirty minutes to look like I have been productive.

I finally decided on the perfect place to put my beautiful art by Ryan Hughes. It's my first ever commissioned art, signed by the artist. I love it. I moved it around the house a few times and this is the perfect the door. The good in goodbye.

Woodrow loves this cashmere boa. I had to stop leaving it in the basket under the bench in the front room because he would not leave it alone. He dragged it around the house like it was fresh kill. I put it on the top shelf in the closet and made sure I closed the doors but if I ever left an inch, he would manage to squeeze in there and drag it out. The other day, I found it with him again. He had figured out how to bump the door until he had enough room to squeeze in...then up to the top shelf and down it came. He was wrestling it into submission when I caught him.

I changed the sheets on the bed and he was completely amused by that process. Under the sheets, under the blankets, hiding in the bedspread. He also likes to jump into drawers every time you open one.

Regis left his tax bag open and Woodrow had to investigate. He was reading the IRS manual or eating Regis's left-over lunch...I bet.

This is an odd picture of Gus because it was so dark. He is absolutely morose when Regis is gone. By the last day of tax training, he knew it was coming and just laid down on the rug in the dark. Head between his paws. He was inconsolable but he recovers quickly at the end of the day.

This is my rune for today. It's called Dagaz and it means transformation or break-through in the process of self-change. This is the fifth time I have drawn it in the past month. My warrior nature will be revealed so don't be surprised if I am wearing a superhero cape next time you see me.

We have a very quiet weekend planned. After exercise this morning, there is nothing on the agenda. We both have puttering things we want to do but there is no pressure. I have a short list of desk work and writing tasks, I want to bake a loaf of bread for a neighbor, and I want to continue my organizing and uncluttering. I plan to play some Scrabble, read a book, take a nap, and go for a walk. How's that for ambition?

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