Sunday, January 19, 2014

sunday thoughts

My friends are amazed that I continue to purge. Someone at dinner last night asked if I had anything left in my house because it looks like I am even getting rid of storage tubs. And yes, I am. I have been a life long keeper of stuff. Stuff was memories and things I might need some day or things that someone else might need some day. Stuff comforted me. Now stuff is starting to strangle me. I feel like I am drowning in stuff. I have a children's book in the basement that belonged to a former brother-in-law (now almost 70) and I have kept it because his son might want it someday. What the hell.

As I get rid of the stuff that doesn't mean so much to me, the stuff I really love is there! I can find it!

Here is the post I wrote in November. It's mostly pictures but it's called evidence of my purging.

I like to write about this because then I think about it and think about how important it has become to me. Mary says that ridding one's self of physical possessions often accompanies ridding one's self of emotional crap. I guess that sounds true. I can't completely explain it for myself...hence the obsession with the pictures and the blog posts.

At this time last year, I couldn't even see the top of my desk. There were random piles of paper all over the house. It was over-whelming. When I finally gathered it all and looked at it...most of it had no meaning and could go in the recycler.

Regis said Garrison Keillor said on his show today that the full moon in January is called the restless moon because women gather armloads of stuff and give it away. Ha!

We had a wonderful time last night at Lone Star for dinner, then to the comedy show at 2nd Story Comedy. It is good medicine for the soul to eat and drink and laugh with good friends. Mike Lester, Tom Leonhardt (local) and Tim Harmston...and as always Michael Callahan. Riotously funny.

I have been doing the big sleep this weekend and it feels so good. Getting organized and ready for the week tonight!

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Unknown said...

It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years. I read this blog to my husband and he said OMG I thought we were the only ones that got rid of all of our stuff. His theory is if you haven't used it 2 years it goes, unless it is really sentimental or has value. For some reason, this does not pertain to his tools and garage stuff. But thanks for saying it. Reggie knows me from Dietbet.