Wednesday, January 08, 2014

some days SUQ

I was playing Scrabble on my iPad today. I can beat the CPU by a hundred points because I have it set on beginner. I was frustrated at the end because I was going to get stuck with a Q and a U and everywhere I put them the thing said it was not a word. Finally the CPU (?) played a word with an S. So, in frustration, I put UQ...and what do you know, SUQ is a word! I thought that was hilarious!

We had a crazy morning. (Some of you may have seen this tale before....and know that I savor stories so I get to repeat them from time to time.

Regis had tax training in Mankato. He was going to catch a ride because I had a dental appointment at 10. His ride didn't appear (apparently had health problems and went to the hospital) so Regis took the car and I said I would make other arrangements.

I called the transit about 8:40, still in my pajamas. Asked about a ride to the dental clinic. He asked if I was ready. I said not unless you want me on your bus in my nightgown. He said call back when you are ready.

I was worried about being late (It's a dial-a-ride bus in a small town but you buys your ticket and you takes your chances.) so I got ready rapidly and called him back. No shower. Fast washcloth to the head. Clothes.

Found a key to the house. No money for the bus. Robbed the piggy bank of 2 bucks.

Transit came in about five minutes. Dropped a girl off downtown then took me right to the dental office. ATA 9:15.

I walked in and there are Ella and Alex. They were giddy that they had spotted their Nana getting off the city bus. Emily had an appointment which is what happens in small can't go anywhere and not see people you know. They laughed about me getting off the bus and said they would give me a ride home.

I talked to the woman at the desk. My tech had a cancellation so she could do me right away and I would be done about the same time as Emily.

I saw the new doc. Mikkel Haugen. 100% Norwegian and very cute. If you are reading this in different places, I might have placed cute in different spots in the paragraph. I love revising my writing. Very nice young man. No cavities. Very complimentary about my teeth. I forgot to pay.

Emily and kids gave me a ride home. She was going to clean at the ballet school and I said if I hadn't been so sleepless I would have had the kids stay with me. But they are coming for pizza at 4 o'clock and as an additional editorial comment...the chicken pizza was awful. The chicken had zero flavor which I suppose is what you get when you use chickens that have been terrified by a trip across the state in an open truck. The artichokes were not identifiable as such...let's see...sponge soaked in vinegar? And the crust was an abomination.

Well, that's all I got. I didn't take a nap today and was pretty active. I am awake at 12:30. What the hell.

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