Sunday, January 05, 2014

new tea for the new year

I have been drinking more tea lately and these are two of my favorites. I like tea with some strong flavor and these two have that. I like to sprinkle some cinnamon on the top of my tea, so I decided to give this one a try. For some reason, since my chemo experience, I have craved the flavor of hot cinnamon. I buy the fancy kind from Penzey's and it's so good I sprinkle it on lots of things..peanut butter toast, cottage cheese, coffee, and yogurt. It's got such a nice bite. I'm optimistic about loving the hot cinnamon tea!

I've been drinking my tea from this beautiful mug, given to me by my brother Pat and sister-in-law Helen. The handle is a place where you tuck the fingers of one hand to keep them warm. It's a delight. My Grandma Elsie used to drink her tea out of those dainty little china cups. I could drain one of those in about 3 seconds flat if I didn't tip it over first. This is a serious tea mug.

I finally finished The Cider House Rules. It got a little tedious in the middle (I've read it before.) but I had to finish it because I got to love the characters so much. On to something else. I have so many books on my iPad that it's almost overwhelming. I should go through and eliminate the ones I know have no chance.

We're going to the Pulse in a while. Regis insists. My wussy self would find an excuse to stay home and I would tell my wussy self that I would walk on the treadmill or lift weights at home but we all know that wouldn't happen. So, I will go and do my thing and feel better for it.

I'm going to finish my holiday letters today. I call them holiday cards...and some of them are Christmas related. It doesn't matter. A friend of mine told me the other day that her dad sent a Christmas card to an address she hadn't lived at for a year and when it finally arrived, it was a Valentine card. Ah, well. Maybe early, maybe late. Doesn't matter.

I have Schmidt's bacon in the refrigerator that I am going to make when we come home. There is nothing like the smell of bacon on a cold morning.

I'm still picking runes every morning and the rune I got today was Berkana: the rune of regrowth and rebirth. It tells me that once the resistance is dispersed, the work can be accomplished. Any dark corners of the mind must be cleansed and this must be carried out diligently and sometimes with expert help. It's the last rune on my tattoo. It also talks about reconciliation: forgive everyone everything. Good thought for the new year.

Carry on, cold weather soldiers. Stay warm, remember to wear many layers, arm yourself with warm drinks like tea, put your feet in front of the fire, and be grateful for the day.

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