Sunday, January 12, 2014

deep breathing

I wanted some post-cancer photos where I didn't look so corpse-like so we set up a photo shoot last night. I took some of Regis, he took some of me, and we took some together with the tripod. And of course, we took some of the pets.

I have new profile photos on all my social media sites. Oh, boy. I am now an integrated person.

It's been a grand weekend. We are taking Gus for a walk this afternoon on Nicollet Avenue which means he can off the leash and running into the fields. We have heard vicious dog stories (in a neighborhood and at the dog park) so we are taking a walking stick and a can of mace. Regis ought to wield both because I am worthless in an emergency.

I meant to go to yoga today but I was moving a little slowly and thought, hey it's Sunday. I am not rushing out the door in the light of dawn. I need a more relaxed pace today.

I only need to do two things today...finish my Christmas cards and finish the grocery list. Neither of those should be long tasks so I have time to read and play Scrabble. And take a nap.

I have a real hankering for Mexican food so I either have to go to the store and buy the fixin's or visit an establishment here in town.

Happy Sunday and start of the new week. Make it a good one.

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