Saturday, January 25, 2014

cold winter...then spring

I think the Epileptic Foundation has the same creed as the USPS: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. I hesitated to haul this stuff to the curb in case they didn't come and I had to take special precautions to anchor it so it didn't blow away. I fell into a snow bank explanation for that. But here they are...gathering my valuable junk!

This was Wednesday. Extremely cold and windy. Same weather conditions on Thursday...about 30 degrees below zero. Then yesterday, up to 35 above zero. That is a 65 degree swing in 24 hours. Today we are back to below zero temps and high winds.

The sun dogs have been beautiful this year. I guess because we have had so many viciously cold days to observe them! They are like winter rainbows.

We don't have that much snow because it's been too damn cold to snow. We had a little bit of soggy stuff yesterday and there is some predicted for tomorrow.

The bunny has been able to keep his head above the snow all winter. The crow is back where the snow has drifted more and he is more apt to be covered by snow.

This is not Woody. Woody is not allowed to go outside...but if he were allowed to go outside, this is exactly what he would do...stand up as high as possible to see what's going on. There is not much that cat misses. Regis is perturbed with Woodrow this morning because Woody woke him up many times during the night. Not sure what's up with that.

Gus and Regis have not missed a day at the dog park this winter. They both come home like and snow hanging off them...but Gus loves it. He loves to run and chase balls even when it's 20 below. It's good to get out in the weather every day.

As I read back over this post, I realized that it is all about winter and cold and snow. So here is a little reminder that spring will come, the apple tree will blossom, the grosbeaks will return, and you will find us on the patio!

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