Thursday, January 30, 2014

chicken erotica

I bet that subject line will get some weird hits.

I was at the sink this morning when I thought I heard Regis say we should have chicken erotica this evening. What he really said was that we should have some chicken enchiladas. No chicken erotica. I didn't even dare put that in google. I'm sure the results would burn my retinas.

It's noon. We have had about 6 inches of snow. Yeah, what happened to the 1-2 inches, right? The wind is supposed to blow like crazy tonight so we'll see how that goes. Monday, even the trash haulers didn't work. Guess they have a different creed than UPS and the Epileptic Foundation! It's been a long, cold, windy tunnel of a month and I don't blame them a bit. I think the UPS should take a day off when it's that cold. I really don't need all that junk mail promptly.

I worked a lot in December so I said I was taking January off and I pretty much did. I am working tomorrow. Last chance. I think I have one day a week in February. That's enough. I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow and focusing on the thought that doing so does not make me a bad person...just a lazy one.

Here is proof that I have not gotten rid of everything in my house. Ella helped me wash and set out the china teacups the other day when she was here. One day, I am going to collect some of my special stuff on the dining table and take pictures of it.

On the theme of lacking gumption, I am not working up much enthusiasm for going to the exercise class tonight. I have been enjoying tea since my friends Deb, Betsy, and Michele have turned me on to spicy teas. I thought they all tasted like Earl Grey dishwater until I jazzed up to the cinnamon and spicy chai.

Karen, I was so happy to get your long email. I am composing a reply but you might read this before I finish it. And just for you, a few pics of Gus and Woody!

You can see we have not been successful at keeping Woody off the table. I like to keep the table set but the idea of him visiting the litter box then prancing around on the plates is not appealing.

If there is a box in the house, Woody has been in it. He loves boxes. He especially loves small boxes because then his tail comes around in front and he acts like it must belong to someone else. He is enchanted with his own tail.

Gus and Woody have a little row this morning!

Regis bought this little gadget for me. It tracks exercise, food, and sleep. So far, I have tried to remove the wrong end to charge it, I have forgotten to turn it to night mode, and I am embarrassed about how much time I spend inactively. Not really.

Regis is out blowing snow so I think I will retire to my boudoir and play some Scrabble. I bought myself a Scrabble dictionary so I could look up some of the non-words that Scrabble allows. EE? SUQ?

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Laurie (@Turban_Diva) said...

I love your dog/kitty pics, of course! And the chicken erotica REALLY grabbed my attention. oxxoox