Friday, January 31, 2014

as I predicted...chicken erotica scores

Chicken erotica gleaned an amazing 43 hits on its first day in cyberspace as compared to a dainty 4 for the previous few posts. I knew it.

Also as predicted, I signed up to sub today and I am dragging my feet whilst kicking myself in the ass, not an easy task...requires great agility and strength. At least the wind chill is not as low as forecast. My luck would have been that it was cold enough to freeze your face in five minutes but not cold enough to close school.

I have not been as tired of this winter as I have been of winters passed. I'm not sure exactly why but I am giving partial credit to the light therapy. What I am weary of is wearing forty pounds of clothes and boots. Ah, winter in Minnesota.

Elliot is coming to spend the night so there will be lots of action around here for a while. We're having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, one of his favorites. Tomorrow morning, we are making pancakes. We're looking forward to his visit.

Pretty soon I better get into work gear and start doing something. Bummer. I'd rather sit here with my tea and look at silly stuff on the internet.

I loved comic books and Mad magazine. Last night I heard that Christie Brinkley turned 60...and she was the young one of the pair.

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