Monday, December 23, 2013

yesterday and today

I posted photos yesterday of some of the goings on but I was too tired to write much. We went to the HyVee to do the big shopping for Christmas (one hard can it be?), went to t he gym to work out, took Gus to the park, tidied up the house, made more than ten dozen peanut butter cup cookies, and Swedish meatballs. If anyone breaks into our house and steals those cookies, we know you you are Bob, Regis, and Peter. Probably Alex this year, too.

Today, I make the peanut butter pie and the make-ahead mashed potatoes. Oh, and the salad that Miss Ella requested. Regis got a haircut Friday, Gus gets a hair cut today, and the litter box is clean so we are all ready for Santa's visit.

This is a picture from 2010. See that plaid table cloth on the left side? I can't find it. I have search high and low and it is nowhere to be found. I have the other three table cloths. This one I can remember hanging in the closet but I suppose in my decluttering madness, I found another place for it. It's not like I need it...I just want to know where it is. Dammit. I hate when I do that.

Regis gets a bit annoyed when, at the last minute, I think I need to buy more food. I see this picture and think, "Must have dried fruit and nuts. Must have Schmidt's summer sausage. Must have chocolates. Must have savory cheesecake." I'm trying to suppress that urge but it's hard.

Last year, in the throes of chemo, I didn't even make a menu so I have no clue what we served. I know we used paper plates and plastic forks and knives. I just checked back through my blog archives and I wrote that I had 8 packages of Christmas napkins. They could not be gone so my guess is that the table cloth and the napkins are somewhere together. It's quite a mystery.

Well, I have searched the house again and there is no sign of said table cloth or packages of napkins. Let it be.

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