Saturday, December 28, 2013

the apex of my post-holiday lethargy

Regis dragged me (not literally) out of bed this morning to exercise at the Pulse. When I came home, I did a few sedentary things then took a delicious nap. I woke with no gumption.

Finally, I decided to gather up the Christmas things and pile them on the table in preparation for the day I have the energy to put them away. The Christmas linens are all down the laundry chute. The Christmas dishes and the serve ware (what?) are all on the extra table in the kitchen. Most of the food is gone and the rest will go tomorrow.

Regis took Gus to two different dog parks today so he is happy and ready for a nap. Woodrow wreaked havoc around here most of the morning but he is peaceful now, too.

I just read the weather forecast. Pleasant turning to frigid. Lovely. Tomorrow will be a good day to huddle in front of the fire and make a pot of chili. Another reason to vegetate.

So, here I sit. Thinking about doing something but not doing it.

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