Tuesday, December 31, 2013

moving into 2014

I have been reading about minimalism. The meaning of it is living with less but that means different things to different people and that's ok. I've realized in the last year that my life feels cluttered and in order to be a healthier and happier person, some of the stuff has to go.

I've gotten a good start on unloading things I don't need, don't use, don't like anymore, don't wear anymore. It's a process that gets easier the more I do it. Here's a good blog in case you're interested: Becoming Minimalist.

I've gotten some things done in the last few days after my apex of slothfulness. All of the Christmas stuff is in the basement again except for the tree which I may decide to put on the curb. It's served us well for several years but I am ready for something smaller again. All of the Christmas dishes and the one box of stuff are put away, too.

I have a physical therapy appointment this morning and a mental health appointment tomorrow. Good parentheses for the eve of the new year, eh? Patty has done such great work on my lymphedema that my scar is almost invisible and the numbness is much less. I have had such wonderful health care in the past year and for that I am very grateful.

I've done most of the things I meant to do today. 

  • Physical therapy
  • Pulse for workout
  • Grocery store
  • Dishes
  • One hour of house tidying
  • Deleted iPad games
  • Turned notifications off on phone
  • Clean cat litter box
  • Find recipe for good luck pork and sauerkraut
  • Find recipe for baked halibut
  • Finish blog post
Have a safe and happy new year's eve...and a grace-filled 2014.

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