Friday, December 13, 2013

in the holiday spirit

A couple of busy days and I decide to relax in front of the fireplace in my Santa hat and striped tights.

After being short of sleep for about a week, I slept until 10:30 yesterday. Deep and dreamless sleep. It was glorious.

I have another purging project lined up for the weekend. Boxes are ready to be filled.

My lymphedema has improved so much that I may only have to go a few more times. Hurray!

Tiffany, Elliot and I are going to the Nutcracker on Saturday. Ella will dance the parts of a Chinese dancer and blue frosting. It will be fun to see her in this ballet we have gone to for many years. I took Tiffany for the first time when she was about four.

Regis is making clam chowder for dinner tonight while I am at school. I usually have an aversion to mollusks but I learned to tolerate clams in a sandwich years ago. I thought they tasted like deep friend rubber bands. Not unpleasant...just strange. I can't bring myself to eat them off the shell. They look like something we harvested from the creek on our farm.

I better get a move on. I'm subbing today. I think I'll wear the Grinch hat and the striped tights.

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