Saturday, December 21, 2013

i am going to be as outrageous as possible while still being appropriate for an educational setting

It's the last day of my six day subbing streak. It's the last day before a two-week break. I have an ugly Christmas sweater to wear, a plethora of goofy Christmas hats to choose from, a Christmas bucket full of M&Ms and candy bars, and some crazy Christmas bells. Might as well have fun.

I can tell you this has been a hard week. I have missed my siesta every day, I am over-stimulated from all the noise and activity, and I'm tired of trying to make middle school kids do things they don't want to do. And I am just plain tired...I don't think I have the stamina I once had. My mojo could come back. We'll see.

I'm very grateful that we have a quiet Christmas season planned. Except for the family gathering on Tuesday, we have no plans. No plans to travel, entertain, or attend parties. It sounds very inviting. Like a tropical vacation without the airfare.

I'm anxious to get back to my long walks with Deb. They were good in so many ways...fresh air, sunshine, good conversation, and some cardio exercise.

Doesn't this look like the Polar Express? Regis took this picture from the dog park. I think the train was parked so the guys could run up to Whiskey River for lunch. Regis isn't sure how he got the snow effect (it wasn't snowing) but it's beautiful. There is a twinkle effect on my picture, too.

I made it through the day in fairly good spirits and without committing a homicide. Haha! I realized why I was so tired this week after talking to Kurt. I have been accustomed to a lot of peace and quiet and there is nothing more stimulating than a high school. It was fun but I'm glad I'm done for a while.

Welcome, Saturday and Christmas week!

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