Friday, December 06, 2013

disrupted sleep and runes

If you haven't seen this beautiful spectacle, but sure to step outside tonight to see it. The sun dogs have been gorgeous at dawn and dusk, too.

I was awake periodically all night. It's typical after two days of therapy in a week that I am a dark vortex of sleepless crazy. I got out of bed late to write some things down and feel better this morning.

The rune I drew today is called Dagaz.

Dagaz is the rune of breakthrough in the process of self-change. It's very fitting today. I read somewhere that you can't push a river, you have to be patient and trust your process. I'm going to carry this rune in my pocket today.

These are not my clothes...but they could be. Regis calls them my clothing monuments because I pile things, not only on the floor, but in heaps on the dresser tops. It happens when I am in this mental fugue state. Clean ones and dirty ones mixed up together. It's a mess. But now I'm ready to sort through them, box up the ones I don't want anymore, and give them to the thrift store.

I am working again today. I have subbed 2.5 days this week which is a lot for me and way more than I want to do. I tell Regis I am not a working kind of girl anymore. Both jobs were fun, though. Little tiny kids at South and big kids at the high school. I just find that I can get one thing done a day. If I work, that's about it.

Busy weekend picking up my clothing monuments. Three grand children coming on Sunday. Lots of appointments on Monday. No work until Friday next week!

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