Wednesday, December 04, 2013

cat and christmas

Our tree is still lightless and ornamentless. It is not exactly how I envision a Christmas tree but we are adjusting our sails, or as the GPS says, we are recalculating. This is not a big problem in the giant scheme of things. I'm going to Shopko to buy some cheap ornaments so I don't have to dig through my giant tub to find things that won't appeal to Woodrow.

I don't feel much inspiration today and I am blaming it on the weather. We've been in a winter storm warning but so far have accumulated what amounts to a nuisance snow of about half an inch. Yesterday it went from snow to rain and back again. At least it isn't ice...that you can see. Of course, ice that is not visible to the naked eye is the most wicked kind. I am an expert on this. See previous posts on pratfalls.

I got started reading old posts and was amused. By this one in particular:
In a conversation at the party, I was visiting with a couple friends who, I realized, have well-developed BS detectors. See the geiger counter at the top of the page. In the presence of someone who, let's say, blows smoke, both of their needles go boing boing boing. It's good to see that in your colleagues. Sometimes I'm afraid we're in danger of being smothered by intellectual flatulance.
At my school, we are in danger of the real thing. I was gone the other afternoon and Joanne took a complaint of the odiferous kind from the bus driver, who was the only one who smelled it. She did a thorough investigation and interrogated multiple suspects to no avail, then decided enough time had been spent on the errant fart and closed the case.
Sometimes these are worthy investigations. We have students who decide that dropping the mother of all farts in a closed environment is a way to be obnoxious. Those are usually cleared up pretty fast; someone in the vicinity of the perpetrator will squawk. The subtle ones are more difficult. And sometimes accidental, I suppose.

I think I was funnier back then so if my current posts are not as amusing as you would like, check out the archives. There are more than 2,000 so that ought to keep you distracted from work or house-cleaning for a good long while. Regis says I am my own best audience. Could be true.

I am going for a walk in the snow this morning with Deb. That will be our quiet time. Then to Mankato for two medical appointments. I do better on days when I have some quiet time...time to read or nap or play with the kitten or walk outside. Too much stimulation is not a good thing for me.

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