Saturday, December 14, 2013

ah, saturday

One nice thing about working is that it reminds me of just how splendid the days are when I don't work. I agreed to sub five days next week. I must have been out of my mind. I get a little ornery when I have too many things to do so next week will be a time for going to school and nothing else. Regis will be in charge of all things on the home front.

A student came into the classroom yesterday and said he was having trouble getting his locker open and he wondered if anyone had a crowbar. Whoa. And hysterical laughter. We got it open and didn't need a crow bar.

Regis is dragging my sorry ass to the Pulse to work out this morning. I know I will be grateful when I'm there but right now, it's pleasant to sit in front of my sun lamp with the hood on my sweater covering my head. I go.

Just one of the beautiful things about winter!

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Jill said...

You're brave to sub for five days in one week, Teresa! Will you be in the same classroom or do you get to meet many new friends around the school?!