Sunday, December 22, 2013

ah, christmas

There was an ugly sweater contest at school yesterday and Tamara was the winner. Actually, she looks great. I was lucky to run into her at the end of the day so we could do a photo op!

Grocery buying and cooking today. Here's the menu:

Mashed potatoes
Corn and blueberry salad
Braised green beans
Keith's warm fruit salad
Christmas tree grapes and cheese
Lefse and buns
Chocolate covered peanut butter pie
Reeses peanut butter cookies 

Last night I read through Christmas letters going back to the late 90s and looked at menus and recipes going back that far, too. I love having my menu archive. And the letters are hilarious, if I do say so myself. I'm working on the current one this week. Probably won't get out in time for Christmas but what the hell. I am working on not feeling guilty about obligations.

I see our ETD is 6:40 so I better get out of my nightgown. They might frown on that attire at the HyVee.

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