Friday, November 08, 2013

the self...random and simple

My rune for the day is Mannaz. The starting point is the self. Its essence is water. Only clarity, willingness to change, is effective now. Strive to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Remember at all times what is coming to be and passing away, and focus on that which abides.
I can't read that without thinking about the Dude in The Big Lebowski. One of my favorite movies. Don't watch it if you get the willies from the F word. The really bad F word, as Elliot calls it.

Woodrow is home and doing very well. He gets a little dose of morphine morning and evening which helps him sleep away the first painful days. He doesn't appear to have pain but he is surprised once in a while when he tries to climb your leg and it won't happen.

Woody on drugs

Regis and I are pretty much a matched set of random packrats. We've had boxes and baskets of CDs around for years, many we never played. We set upon a project a while back (not wanting to think about how long ago) to organize them. We got busy with it again this week. We went through them several times and got rid of things we knew we wouldn't listen to if we were forced. We got rid of broken cases, self-made CDs, and stuff we wondered what the hell we could have been thinking. In the end, we have about 250 CDs, with numbered labels, filed in boxes, and a spreadsheet that can be sorted by title or artist. Ta da!

The reason we hung on to many of the CDs, even though they will likely never be played again is that they are part of our musical history. We did pretty well to get rid of vinyl, cassettes, and 8-tracks.

Mary says that for many people, getting rid of unnecessary encumbrances in their emotional life leads them to rid themselves of clutter in their homes. I need clean and simple. In my head and in my surroundings.

When I worked at the polling place the other day, I worked with several retired teachers. In fact, all of us were. Most of them wanted to talk about school, find out the latest scoop, news about a referendum, who's retiring, and so on. I would open my book and read. Sigh. Just not that interested anymore. Letting all of that go, too.

Make some space in your head today for fun. 

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