Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm sitting at Tandem Bagels, eating a bagel and drinking coffee. Beautiful morning. I like to sit in the window and watch people go past. Regis will be here soon. After an appointment downtown, I'll walk up the hill to see my Mayo team for a follow-up appointment. I have no complaints or concerns except that I seem to be asymmetrical.

Yeah, that asymmetrical thing is lymphedema. I see a physical therapist for that. I was afraid I had caused the poofiness on that side with my exercise or my planks but it's a side effect of surgery and radiation on the lymph nodes. Not unusual for it to show up a year or more later.

Otherwise, the doc was happy with my exercise, my bloodwork, and my exam. It was good to see Judy and Dr. Cockerill but it was a little creepy to be there, watching the first-timers. I remember so clearly the first time I walked in there and saw the cancer posters. I thought holy hell, what am I doing here? The little light went on...

The bench in the photo is in Reconciliation Park. The message startled me for a moment.

I'm too tired tonight to have many original thoughts so I will say goodnight for now.

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