Sunday, November 03, 2013

sunday morning and wind from hell

My least favorite weather event. Wind. It is howling out there today and I have a few things to do in the yard. I think I'll plug my ears with my iPod earbuds and wear a hooded sweatshirt. What the kids nowadays call a hoodie.

We went to exercise this morning. There were two people there when we got there but they left shortly. We like it so much better when it's quiet. I starting doing a 30-day plank challenge and I'm up to 90 seconds now before I start to shake and collapse.

We're going to start a Facebook page for Augustus and Woodrow. Because we're half nuts and because we think they are so darn cute and funny. Nothing happens in our house that they don't both want to investigate.

Woodrow gets neutered and declawed on Wednesday. So far, we have not had any gender issues but the claws are deadly. He can scale your leg in about two seconds flat, leaving a bloody trail. We're not sure if it's just his temperament or because he has been raised with a dog, but he is definitely more dog-like than cat-like which pleases me. I didn't want one of those weird ass cats that hide under the bed. Woodrow doesn't even mind the vacuum cleaner.

I am going to put some rocks in my pockets and get my yard art into the garage. I'll check in later so you know I didn't disappear over the valley in a big gust of wind.

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