Thursday, November 21, 2013

random stuff...runes and tattoos and gym ettiquette

My tattoo. Othila: radical separation. Wunjo: The term of travail has ended. Ehwaz: Enough progress has been made to feel safe and sure. Berkana: Rebirth and growth.

The font is more like this. More runic.

I'll have Regis take a picture of it when it heals more and doesn't look so much like a prison tattoo. And Gerry is right...I am already thinking of another one. This is Perth...the one I wrote about yesterday. I love ginko leaves and would probably just do one in black outline.

So, there you go. My spiritual quest. The renewal of my self. I wonder sometimes how I made it through the last year. Not only the breast cancer, but all the other crap thrown into the vortex made it very hard to see clearly. Dark side and light side...always conflicting. So good to feel peaceful and content now.

Regis and I went to the gym today. There is a strange woman who comes in, turns the television on blaringly loud even before she takes her coat off. She goes to the back row of bikes and then yells at CNN. It's hard not to get annoyed so I just go in the other room where the lights are low and it's quiet. I have an aversion to the news. There is not much going on our there that I need to know about that early in the morning.

I just got back from a lovely visit with a friend. She sent me home with CDs, pickled blueberries, pickled green beans, and bourbon peaches. How sweet is that?

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