Monday, November 11, 2013

random notes in a list

  • Woodrow likes to get up early and makes sure that we are awake, too. He likes to be fed immediately upon waking.

  • We didn't think Gus would like a dog bed since he is accustomed to sleeping on the floor but he manages to squeeze himself onto this bed from time to time. I think he may have decided he likes it because Woody likes it.
  • Both of our pets have been kind of needy the past few days. Not sure what that's about.

  • Regis made these so delicious ribs last night. We thought we only liked ribs cooked on the grill but this recipe, made in the oven with a braise, is great.
  • We're going to the gym in a little bit, then to Mankato to do a few errands.
  • I have a sorting and pitching project to finish before Wednesday.
  • I'm subbing two days this week. That's about all I want to work this month.
  • I see we have a little snow on the ground. Lots of people were raking leaves yesterday but I was gumptionless when I got home. It should warm up by next weekend so I can do it then.
  • Mom and I went to visit our old friend, Irene, yesterday. She's 93. Her family, and my good friend Linda, lived across the alley from us when I was a young girl. Irene is pretty spry and sharp. I want to be spry and sharp when I'm 93.
  • Thinking about the veterans who have served today. Bless their hearts.
  • Better get up and get moving.

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