Friday, November 29, 2013

no black friday shopping for me

Just my opinion, but I think Black Friday is a crime against humanity. That is craziness. I read that some people had been camped out for ten days so they could be the first into the store. There is nothing I want that badly.

We had a splendid day yesterday. I only felt insane for about an hour...right before we ate. So many things going on and so many things to do. I had a lot of help in the kitchen and that was wonderful. A couple things didn't work out...the reduction for the pig wings failed and the bottom of the apple pie was soggy, but everything else was good.

Zoey and Elliot had a good time playing together.

So good to have Tiffany and Elliot with us.

Gus likes to be involved in everything!

And I was's a good thing our people like dogs!

Here's the whole crew.

Pumpkin, peanut butter, and apple pie.

This is the month of letting go. Letting go of distractions, letting go of possessions, letting go of needs, and letting go of the way we wish things would be. Yesterday, I shut my computer off for the whole day and left my phone in the bedroom. As much as possible, I sat and talked to people. I walked outside from time to time and listened to the quiet. It was nice to come back  into the house and smell all the delicious autumn aromas.

Today...I am doing a whole lot of nothing. Puttering in the kitchen, going for a walk, and reading. I will not be shopping.

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