Wednesday, November 13, 2013

little libraries and a good samaritan

Two very nice things in the news today.

Seeing kids in danger, Brooklyn Center good samaritan builds a bus stop

I didn't sleep worth a damn the last two nights. I had some joint pain, some disturbing dreams, and some just plain old wakeful periods. In my therapy with Mary, things have been burbling to the surface which is a good thing but it's like a boiling pot. Sometimes you have to pay attention.

I'm working all day today and going for a long walk at 4 o'clock so I expect tonight's sleep will be better.

My friend and neighbor Betsy showed up yesterday for tea and a pumpkin muffin just when I needed her most. We gabbed and gabbed about shared interests and shared joys. She invited me to a meditation group that meets once a week and to a spiritual practices group that meets twice a month. We seem to meet up at just the right times.

Ansuz was my rune today. Consider the uses of adversity.

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