Tuesday, November 12, 2013

evidence of my purging

You may have seen some of these photos before but I thought it would be impressive (for me) to see the collection. That is a lot of crap to unload in a year. There is more but that can wait.

How, and why, did I accumulate so much stuff? And what does it mean that now I am ready to let it go?

I can honestly say that every inch of my first floor has been sorted, cleaned, organized, and de-cluttered. I have one more big project to do before Thanksgiving and that's to trade out the ratty little drawer thing by the front door for the much better looking one on the porch. This involves furniture moving so I'll need help.

Regis is driving me over to my therapy appointment this afternoon. I am sometimes so tired when I'm done that it's exhausting to walk to the car.

I'm home. Ah, insight and processing.

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