Saturday, November 23, 2013

don't poke the bear

Whenever I bend over to do something (checking the litter box here), Woodrow leaps onto my back and rides around as long as I will walk this way. It ain't easy being me. Eventually I just have to straighten up so he'll jump off. Crazy cat.

I'm busy this morning working on my list of three habits to focus on in December. I'm keeping exercise on the list and changing the other two. I'm revising my loving kindness meditation. So much work to do on the spirit level.

We went to exercise this morning. I have done a plank for three minutes two times but it's a killer and I was wrecked for anything else. I think I'll stick to shorter times.

I'm headed out for a walk with Deb. It's colder than a well digger's ass as my dad used to say. But we'll bundle up and give it a whirl. We're taking the upper route today where it is usually windier. The treaty site trail is nice but there may be hunters in the woods and I don't want to be mistaken for a deer.


Modern Man said...

There are soooooo many things that I could say about that picture and the title! but I think that I will leave it to the dirty minds of your audience to connect the dots.

Teresa Saum said...

I looked at the photo and thought i looked like Jimmy Stewart at about 80 years old. Shit. Dammit.