Saturday, November 30, 2013

december is the month of letting go

I'm sitting here this morning with my sun lamp, my abundance bowl, my runes, and my gratitude journal. I drew the rune Othila. It means to ask yourself what is right for you and act according to the light you now possess in your life. I'm going to take a long walk today and ponder that. Maybe I'll go up to GAC and walk the labyrinth.
 I ordered a book today for a friend of mine who lost her husband suddenly yesterday. It can be terrifying to think how fast life can change. Be grateful for each moment.

Woodrow always gets up with me, then does some exploring. This morning he dragged a three foot long cat toy into bed with Regis. He was not welcome there with his purple feather toy. For such a sweet kitten, he has a cranky sounding meow.

I have to revise my exercise plan. I have been lifting weights and doing planks only to find out that those were not the right things to do with lymphedema which I didn't even know I had until yesterday. Hot tubs...also verboten. Holy crap. I wonder when they planned to tell me this stuff.

After more reading about lymphedema, I may have to only make slight adjustments. Probably no three-minute planks. Maybe back off a little on the weights. Do more stretching. Just love reading about cancer again.

Ah, well. The sun is coming up and I am drinking my first cup of coffee, thanks to my sweet Regis. Life is good.

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