Tuesday, November 26, 2013

damn wind

There is a lot of unrest at our house tonight. It's 4 am and we have been awake for hours. All of us: Gus, Woodrow, Regis, me. My hypothesis is that it's the wind. Even though the noise machine is on, I can hear the wind and it's unsettling.

It could be forces in the universe, which is how my doctor explained it. It does seem like sometimes sleepless nights are universal.

I'm sitting here in the semi-dark with Woodrow on my lap purring. Woodrow is purring, not me, although if someone would clean up my kitchen and make me a cup of coffee, I would gladly purr.

I laid in bed for two hours, reading, trying to go back to sleep, trying one sleeping position after another...and finally gave up and got out of bed.

Gus has asked to go outside already, then waited by his dish. He thinks it's morning, too.

Of course, when it gets dark at 4:30, twelve hours later ought to be daylight. I get that.

Today will be a peaceful day if I can avoid the wind. I have holiday things to do which I mostly enjoy...and I especially enjoy them when I'm not working full-time. My appointment with Mary was mind-scrubbing yesterday, my walk up the hill was mind-cleansing, and my Mayo stuff was mind-relieving. Hurray for my happy mind!

Time to stop rambling. Woodrow is sitting in front of my monitor patting his paws at the cursor.

Woody finally decided to crawl down the neck of my giant, baggy turtleneck sweater and sleep on my lap in his little cocoon. So sweet.

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