Thursday, November 14, 2013

cardinal flock sighting

 No, not this kind of cardinal.

This kind of cardinal.

Deb and I, old friends and neighbors, were on a walk on Nicollet Avenue (not the Minneapolis one, the rural St. Peter one) and we saw a flock of cardinals. They were so bright red in the late afternoon sunshine, that's all they could be. They settled into some trees we had passed about ten minutes before so we crossed some field area to get closer. They startled and fled.

I did some googling and discovered that cardinals do indeed flock. Not during mating season when they pair off but other parts of the year they are quite social.

Deb and I are strong believers in signs. One day we saw an eagle soaring over the tree tops. Today, a flock of cardinals. An opal sky. A friend on a bicycle. A good day to be alive.

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