Sunday, November 24, 2013

almost forty miles

Since we started walking together about a month ago, Deb and I have walked almost 40 miles together. It always goes fast. The only problem now is the wind. We can withstand some nasty cold temps but with the wind in your face, it's hard to get your mouth to move.

I'm moving slowly this morning. My rune today is the symbol for the wild ox. I imagine that is not an animal that moves quickly so I am in the zone.

Things have been disappearing around our house and I'm blaming Woodrow. Any shiny thing left about will be found behind a dresser or under the table. I have had to remove all decorative things that are breakable from high places. He's like having a 7 foot tall two-year old. Nothing is safe.

Today, I am baking squash, cookies, pumpkin muffins, and maybe an apple pie. Ella is coming to help. Here is the reason I love Thanksgiving Day...lots of family and friends who are family, good food, fun cooking, goofy photos, pets.

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