Sunday, October 13, 2013

windy day....again

Regis and I have been marching around the house the last few days, singing the Mighty Mouse theme song. God knows how we can remember this goofy song from fifty years ago when so many things drift from our age-addled brains. Evidence, I guess, that the stuff that gets in there when you're really young never goes away.

Regis performed a wedding ceremony yesterday at the Ney Nature Center in Henderson. It was a gorgeous setting but so cold and windy that I was practically numb. The bridesmaids wore little strapless gowns and I'm sure their legs were blue by the end of the ceremony. Ella went along because she loves weddings and likes to take pictures.

Ella and Nana at the Ney Nature Center overlooking the Minnesota River 

Ella was making funny faces for the camera!

The photographer took this picture of us together.

Ella took this photo of me. I think I look mysterious. Like a WWII espionage agent.

Beautiful wedding!

That's Ella in the front row. She likes to be front and center at weddings!

Dancing ice cream cone at the DQ in St. Peter

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