Saturday, October 12, 2013

wind and how I hate it

Yesterday was very windy, about 40 mph with gusts up to 50. We went to a wedding rehearsal at a beautiful spot but this was the only photo I took and it's not a good one because I wouldn't get out of the car. I did venture out to the porta john once but between the wind and the walnut covered ground, it was an adventure. I almost turned back.

I hate wind. I hate the feel of it but I also hate the sound of it. I don't like to be in the living room on windy days because you can see the trees blowing every which way. It's disturbing. I'm sure, had I lived in a cabin on the prairie, I would have gone insane. I am grateful for our cozy little house.

We went to the Roadhaus in Henderson after for another adventure. There was a fairly raucous Friday afternoon happy hour crowd and the music was loud but we had fun. I ran into my exercise friend, Christine with her kids, celebrating a birthday. It was a two-hug meet-up.

It's such a small world, really. I am part of an online support group for building new habits. It's worldwide but my small group is four women, two from the UK. Amazing. At the wedding rehearsal yesterday, I discovered that the groom is the son of an old teaching friend of mine. She told a story about discovering, as they drove to Taco John's) that she and her work friend shared a grandfather. I love stories like that.

Today is not supposed to be so windy. The wedding has a western theme so I'm wearing a denim skirt and cowboy boots. One of the groomsmen was practicing his roping skills while we waited for the other folks to arrive and they are wearing cowboy boots with their tuxedos. I love the weddings Regis does...they are usually just a tad non-traditional.

After my blog post yesterday, I dusted the shelves in the living room (and got rid of a few things), dusted the shelves in the dining room, and cleaned off the shelves in my closet. The top shelf is where things go to live that I don't use often but can't quite offload yet. The physical cleansing feels like a part of my mental cleansing.

I have things to do today. Hey, it ain't all silver saddles and Sunday parades. I'm going to drop off the itineraries for the wine trip at Patrick's. I'm going to search out the pickle guy at the farmer's market. I am going to drag the boxes to the garage so they are out of the way until Thursday. And we're taking a road trip to the pharmacy in Mankato. It will be a busy day so I better get at it.

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